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Warm Uterus Heat Patch for Female Medical Health

Item No.: ZS
Product Description:
Name Warm Uterus Patch
Specification 9cm*11cm
Primary Structure This product is composed of inside and outside the bag, the bag by the application of membrane non-woven fabric and non-woven fabric containing pressure sensitive adhesive and silicone oil paper.
Safe No Side Effect
Shelf 2 Years
Usage Mode For External Use
Group Adult Males and Females.
Sample Free
Price Depend on Quantity
1.Physical therapy body pain relief patch.
2.Fast and effective relief pain.
1.Menstrual disorders
2.Menstrual blood is less and dark,short period
3.Menstrual distres
4.Menstrual psychological pressure
5.Herditary dysmenorrhea
6.Menstrual anorexia
7.Menstrual pale,cold limbs,grumpines