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Silicone Scar Patch Customized Effective Healthcare Beauty Safe

Item No.: ZS2
Product Description:
Name Scar Sheet Patch
Specification 3cm * 15cm
Applicable scope:
Adjuvant treatment and prevention of cicatrices;
Prevention and treatment of the post-burn hyperplastic scars and keloids;
Prevention and treatment of the postoperative incisions or trauma scars;
Prevention and treatment of the scars generated by Caesarean operation.
Used in plastic surgeons and burn centers,hospitals.
Safe No Side Effect
Shelf 2 Years
Usage Mode For External Use
Group All People
Sample Free
Price Depend on Quantity
1. Prevent the scars from proliferation effectively;
2. Soften and smooth the scars effectively;
3. Relieve pruritus and pain quickly;
4. Moisturizing and breathable;
5. Reusable and washable;
6. Comfortable, ultra-thin fabric;
7. Safe and effective;
8. Latex and drug free.