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Do you really need shave gel? | Gillette shave gels and foams

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Update time : 2020-10-12 13:22:52

Medical experts believe that a long beard should be shaved off in time, because it has the characteristics of absorbing harmful substances.

1. When people breathe, they can emit a variety of harmful chemical gases, and they can stay on the beard.

2. There are many kinds of heavy metal particles in the atmosphere, especially in the busy streets, the lead emitted from automobile exhaust will be absorbed by whiskers.

3. The carcinogens contained in the smoke emitted by smokers will also stay on the beard.

4. The skin with long beard secretes more oil, which is difficult to remove when you wash your face with clean water at ordinary times, and the oil has the characteristics of sticking dust.

Foam shaving cream is a popular shaving product. It is usually oil in water emulsion paste, which produces rich and delicate foam. When used, these foam can be applied to skin and beard, so that the hair will be quickly wetted and lubricated well so that the razor can move smoothly on the skin. Shaving cream also requires a certain degree of consistency. Its foam remains stable throughout the shaving process and is safe and sensitive to the skin.