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How to purify the body through foot baths!

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Update time : 2020-10-12 13:05:20

Some people compare water to the "internal detergent" of the human body. It has become a habit and common sense that we use water to wash the dirt and excrement on the body surface every day to keep the body clean and sanitary. However, the internal environment of our human body needs to be washed with water to keep the inside and outside of the cells clean and sanitary. Only in this way can the human body be healthy and resist diseases. If you don't drink enough water, cells can't metabolize normally, sweating and urinating are not enough for detoxification.

The metabolism of human body can make the vast majority of cells in the body will be replaced by new cells in a few years. This metabolic process must have a clean water source constantly filling the cells. Therefore, constantly replenishing clean water is the main content and method of "internal washing". It can also be said that other substances can not be replaced by nutrients and body "detergent", detoxification is always inseparable from water.

Some experiments have shown that the human body's sweat is toxic, especially for the seriously ill. About 130 years ago, steam bath was very popular in Germany and Australia at that time. A doctor injected a milliliter of normal human sweat into a 1000 gram white rabbit, and the rabbit died one hour later. Then he injected 0.1 ml sweat from a stroke patient into a white rabbit of the same weight, and the white rabbit died one hour later.

For detoxification through human sweat, we can use steam bath to sweat, that is to use the largest area of the human skin as a sweating detoxification system. High blood pressure, heart disease can also be steam bath, if patients feel fear, do not use this method, because psychological fear will make blood pressure rise, but will be more difficult to sweat.

Massage can accelerate blood circulation and smooth lymph, so that the body's toxic waste is easy to wash out. We can usually use circle massage technique, from bottom to top, apply massage force to the whole body, and pay attention to the direction of massage from the end of limbs to the heart. When taking a bath every day, dry massage with towel gourd silk gloves is a real magic recipe to promote body detoxification.

This paper introduces a method of eye detoxification massage, which is divided into two steps. The first step is to start from the upper brow bone, to play the piano from the inside to the outside around the eyes, and finally gently press on the temple. In the second step, gently slide the middle finger belly from inside to outside along the eye socket to the lower eye head, do it three times, and slide to the temple at the third circle, press for 15 seconds and then move to the lower part of the eyebrow to complete the action, which can promote the blood circulation around the eyes and accelerate the detoxification of the eyes.