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Natural PDE5 Materials

Item No.: KF-2
Natural PDE5 was developed by Hongyang Pharmacy and China Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine from the prescriptions of clinical experience and verification. It preserves its original effective ingredients. It is manufactured with bio-technology of natural drug and traditional Chinese medicine extraction in low temperature according to the human physique difference and the cause of ED.
Product Name: Natural PDE5
Spec.: 0.5g/capsule*10 capsules/bottle (samples)
Main ingredients: Ginsenoside, icariin
Property: concentrated powder
Preparations: capsule, tablet, coffee and beverage
Effects: improve the status of ED, adjust the incretion and central nervous system and also improve the frigidity.
Applicable persons: adults
Usage method: 1. Take 3-5 capsules with warm water 1 hour before sex, melt in mouth and swallow for better effects.
2. Take 2-3 capsules at a time before sleep every night, for better effects to take 2-3 consecutive days.
3. Take with wine or coffee for better effects with a little white wine allowed.
Contraindications: 1. Effects may be reduced while taken with raw, cold and spicy food.
2. People with cardiovascular diseases must take with caution.
  1. This product is pure Chinese medicine preparation without any western medicine and additives.
  2. Symptoms of thirst, heat and agrypnia may occur if taken in big amount.
  3. People with cold body take for better effects while people with lots of sweat should take in short time.