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Natural PDE5

Item No.: PDE5-1
Spec.: 0.5g/capsule
Property: concentrated
powder of Chinses medicine
1. Take 2-5 capsules at one time per day one hour before sex or sleep.
2. Take with light salty water, yellow rice wine before meal or little white spirit for better effects.
1. Don't take with raw, cold and spicy food.
2. People with hypertension, hyperglycaemia and hyperlipemia must take with cautions.
3. It’s recommended to take little dosage regularly or constantly.
1. This porduct DOES NOT contain any western medicine and additives and is pure preparation of Chinese medicine.
2. It is recommended to take 2-3 capsules before sleep every night for improvement of sex function and 1-3 days consecutively for better effects.
3. 3-5 capsules could be taken at least 1 hour before sex for quick effects.
4. Symptoms of thirst, heat, hunger and insomnia may occur normally.