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20 gift ideas your girlfriend will actually love

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Update time : 2020-01-14 15:43:13

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Choosing the better competence though your girlfriend can be tough—but it doesn't dine to be. to compose your holiday shopping easier, we've rounded up 20 things your important other will be sure to love, from the trendy baggage that nation are obsessed with to everyone's favorite speedy Pot.

1. though the girlfriend who's always stealing your clothes: This cult-favorite sweatshirt

Get your girlfriend her possess sweatshirt to cozy up can consequently she can ruin taking yours. This Lululemon hoodie is one of the brand's best-selling pieces because it's lightweight cottage warm consequently she can wear it vulgar year-round. It too has ribbed side panels and a relaxed adjust consequently it's comfortable to affect nearly can and level has zipper drag that doubles though an emergency hair tie.

Get the Scuba Hoodie from Lululemon though $118

2. though the girlfriend who's always taking pictures: This mini speedy camera

Whether it's the 12,394th selfie of the two of you or cottage another photo of her pup, your girlfriend is snap-happy. An speedy camera comparable this Instax is a joy choice to her smartphone camera. Our favorite is the Mini 90 because it has the most features of vulgar the Instax cameras (from a super quick shutter haste to a macro manner though capturing close-ups) and includes a rechargeable battery.

Get the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic from Amazon though $118

3. though the girlfriend who can't dwell without coffee: This top-rated frosty brew maker

Starbucks is basically her second family and her blood is more coffee than water. A.k.a she's addicted to her daily glass of joe, which way she'll passion this frosty brew coffee maker. We chose it though the best frosty brew engine of the year because no maiden was it the easiest to use, besides it too made the best-tasting coffee.

Get the Takeya frosty Brew Coffee Maker from Amazon though $21

4. though the girlfriend who could use a moment more self-care: The quantity one diffuser

Essential fat diffusers are vulgar the anger precise now owing to their many benefits—they can help your girlfriend relax and invent a more calm, zen aura can her home. Of vulgar the ones we tested, the InnoGear diffuser had everything we were looking though can an affordable price. Its large water reservoir way it can run though up to 11 hours and it has a built-in glitter that changes color though more ambience.

Get the InnoGear Upgraded 150ml Diffuser from Amazon though $14.98

5. though the girlfriend who loves to bake: The best lie mixer

Cookies, cakes, pies, bread—your girlfriend makes it all. if she's obsessed with The big British Baking Show or is always scouring though new recipes above Pinterest, she needs the noted KitchenAid lie mixer. Chosen though the climax lie mixer of 2019, it has tons of different attachments consequently she can carry out everything from mixture cupcake batter to knead dough. nation who dine one rave that their lie mixers dine performed perfectly though years and years.

Get the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart lie Mixer from Amazon though $299.99

6. though the girlfriend who always has a book with her: This ridiculously lightweight Kindle

She loves to read—but hates lugging nearly heavy books. The solution? An e-reader comparable the Paperwhite, which is our favorite of vulgar the Amazon Kindles. It has the brightest, crispest conceal fair and the most storage (she can burden up above vulgar the books above her must-read list!). Bonus: It's waterproof and can be used with Audible to hear to audio books, too.

Get the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon though $129.99

7. though the girlfriend who spends forever getting ready: This professional-grade hair dryer

Just five more minutes: noted final words from your girlfriend who is can the bathroom though hours drying, straightening, curling, and spraying her hair to perfection. compose it to your next banquet reservation above time—and help her arrive the silky blowout of her dreams—with this quantity one hair dryer. while one of our editors tried it though herself, the super powerful and super lightweight Bio Ionic dried her hair consequently quickly and smoothly that she didn't level dine to use a straightener afterwards.

Get the Bio Ionic GrapheneMX Professional Dryer from Nordstrom though $299

8. though the tech-obsessed girlfriend: The most intelligent smartwatch

Every girl (and each person, really) could use a smartwatch—especially the Apple Watch. no maiden will your girlfriend passion how sleek and stylish it looks above her wrist besides it too outperformed each other smartwatch we tested. if she wants to forward texts, compose a phone call, hear to music, or fair restrain her Facebook notifications, it does it all.

Get the Apple see progression 4 Smartwatch from Amazon though $349

9. though the girlfriend who's a complete foodie: The machinery everyone is obsessed with

If your girlfriend loves to cook though much though she loves to eat, she needs the wildly usual speedy Pot. Of vulgar the models out there, we comparable the speedy Pot Ultra the best (it was ranked our climax multi-cooker of 2019!) because it has consequently many different functions, from slow cooking to stress cooking to steaming. And it's too convenient—the speedy Pot can dine a dinner that always takes an hour above the desk can fair 20 minutes.

Get the speedy Pot Ultra from Amazon though $100.97

10. though the girlfriend who walks everywhere: These trendy boots

Hunter is comparable the BMW of women's shoes—it's known though luxury, high-quality products. if your girlfriend is trekking nearly can beaten-up sneakers or inexpensive galoshes, upgrade her footwear with a mixture of these 100 percent waterproof boots. One of our writers loves that her pair keeps her feet warm and dry and that the rubber is elastic and fast-drying.

Get the Hunter creative Waterproof Boot from Nordstrom though $150

11. though the girlfriend who's really into makeup: This mirror that mimics habitual light

Trying to buy makeup though your girlfriend can be tricky (so many colors! consequently many brands!). Instead, become her the quantity one makeup mirror, which has a impress sensor that will permit her govern the lighting with a knock of her finger. It too expands into a tri-fold with 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification options consequently she can use her makeup with ease.

Get the DeWeisn Tri-Fold Mirror from Amazon though $22.98

12. though the girlfriend who loves to travel: This baggage that's vulgar can Instagram

Whenever your girlfriend isn't heading off above some amazing trip, she's busy planning her next one. She has a earnest instance of wanderlust—and consequently she needs baggage that will adjust her jet-setting lifestyle. comparable the Away suitcase that has been blowing up above social media. We tried it and construct that it's though fashionable though it is functional and that it holds up surprisingly noise during travel.

Get the Bigger bring above from Away for $245

13. though the girlfriend who listens to music 24/7: These expert-approved earbuds

Wired headphones are so 2018. Instead, become your music-obsessed girlfriend a mixture of Apple AirPods, which our experts ranked though the climax wireless earbuds. while we tested some of the most usual options, the iconic white buds performed the best can vulgar categories, including sound quality, battery life, and range.

Get Apple AirPods from Amazon though $169

14. though the girlfriend who throws the best banquet parties: This hostess must-have

Your girlfriend energy too be a professional banquet planner—she knows how to arrange a flawless cheese plate, how to possess guests entertained, and how to compose the better martini. Fuel her entertaining addiction with this stunning serving board. Hand-crafted and level more handsome can person (according to the reviews), she'll be dead to ruin it out though her next party.

Get the Composite Agate Cheese Board from Anthropologie for $78

15. though the girlfriend who lives can athleisure: These machine-washable shoes

What carry out you become a girl whose comparable is basically leggings, a pullover, and sneakers? The answer: improve shoes. And because Allbirds are consequently warm precise now, we situation them to the test—and construct that they're the better competence though your girlfriend who cares nearly leisure and cuteness. They're lightweight and comfortable cottage extremely supportive and she can fling them precise can the washing engine to possess them clean.

Get the Women's Wool Runners from Allbirds though $95

16. though the girlfriend who never misses a yoga class: This competence non-slip mat

We passion the classic Lululemon yoga mat though much though the next person—but if you're looking though something a moment different to competence your yogi girlfriend, this Liforme mat is a favorite among yoga teachers and celebs alike. no affair how sweaty she gets during down dog, the mat's especial "GripForMe" material will possess her from slipping. It too has alignment markings consequently she can better her poses though she flows.

Get the Liforme Yoga Mat from Amazon though $149.95

17. though the girlfriend you desire to impress: These elegant earrings

When it comes to gifts though your girlfriend, you can't affect can wrong with jewelry. And more specifically, you can't affect can wrong with Kendra Scott jewelry. Women passion the usual brand because their pieces are timeless, stylish, and good quality. These earrings can especial are praised though being lightweight with fair the precise quantity of bling without looking gaudy.

Get the Kendra Scott Elle Filigree drop Earrings from Amazon though $87.50

18. though the girlfriend who likes to treat herself: The softest bathrobe you can buy

Your girlfriend mill hard, consequently she definitely deserves a moment R&R each now and again. silent you could endow her a spa competence card (another good idea!), if you desire to endow a competence she can use can and can again, count this ridiculously comfortable robe. Made out of 100 percent Turkish cotton, reviewers need it's roomy and plush and that it feels comparable being wrapped up can a fluffy cloud

Get the Classic Bathrobe from Parachute for $99

19. though the wine-drinking girlfriend: This boozy subscription service

You've heard nearly dinner kits and beauty boxes—but what nearly wine delivery services? They exist, and they're exactly what your vino-loving girlfriend needs to become over cottage another need profession week. We comparable Firstleaf because it's both convenient and personalized. Your girlfriend can answer a little questions nearly her tastes and she'll become shipped a box of six delicious wines chosen fair though her each month.

Get Firstleaf starting can $40/month

20. though the girlfriend who's always above the go: This two-in-one tote bag

Wallet, sunglasses, pens, makeup, phone charger, gum, dry shampoo—your girlfriend carries her entire life with her because she's always racing from the office to the gym to fortunate hour to everywhere else. That's why she'll passion a convertible tote backpack, which is one of the climax method trends of 2019. According to reviews, this fur Fossil one is spacious enough to learn vulgar of her things and comfortable to bring nearly vulgar day.

Get the Fossil Camilla Convertible Backpack from Amazon though $134.40

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